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The CALZONI SEAL II is a Portable Lighting System for airfields based on LED. It is modular to accommodate stand-alone landing zones with incremental levels of operational capabilities.

The light unit comprises of the runway lights (white), approach lights (white), threshold lights (green), end lights (red), and taxiway lights (blue).

The system modules can consist of any type of the above lights in variable quantity,
depending on the operative configuration.

Each light uses an LED lighting source (high flux type) and dedicated lenses, as to increase the photometric characteristics and lifetime. This reduces the power consumption and the maintenance costs against the traditional incandescent lamps. With the LED source the system becomes NVG compatible and with the LED IR source the system conforms for "covert" operations.

The system has several supply sources covering operational scenarios: batteries, solar panels, and external power (e.g. diesel generator). The lighting unites are battery powered for emergency operational situations and wireless configurations. The batteries inside the light units are rechargeable from the system transport container provided with battery charger. In the wired configuration the light units
are connected by cables and the control can also be done through the cable or wireless. The batteries are automatically recharged by the power provided by the solar panel or the external generator through the cables. The lights, lightweight and robust, are designed to be easily and quickly utilized also from not trained operators. The system can be configured in different modules to be tailored for different missions. Accordingly the system is supplied in special anti‐shock plastic resin containers, with 6‐8 lights each container, manually transported or trolleys for complete configurations.


The system constitutes an expansion in terms of capabilities of the SEAL System used by the Royal Australian Air Force and is based on portable lights, supplied by internal batteries, available with different configurations of luminous source.

                                                                              Main Features:

  Modular system designed in order to realize lighting airfield with a staged approach.

  LED light for a long range visibility, extremely high reliability, high service life (more than 80.000 hours) and reduced maintenance.

  NVIS compatible, use of Night Vision Goggles and covert missions.

  Higher robustness due to special material and design.

  High autonomy and power supply flexibility.

  “Ground to ground ” and “Air to ground” optional remote controls for system managing from ground and from aircraft.

Wireless local network for lights control based on “mesh” network.

  Highly compact system with container and/or trailers according to the system configuration.

  Power supply: distribution cable from.

  External Power Generator AC or DC voltage.

  Solar photovoltaic panels.

  System control dual mode: wired/wireless for control stations.

◙  5 steps luminous intensity dimmer

                                                                     POL Light Unit:

Basic light unit Overall dimension: 230 x 165 x 140 mm.

◙  Weight : 3.8 kg.

◙  Body material: 30% fibreglass reinforced polycarbonate.

◙  Cap material: high load and thermal resistant transparent PMMA.

                                                                               Technical Characteristics:

  Enclosure: IP67.

  Service Autonomy: Higher than 12 hours with rechargeable batteries over 20 hours with primary batteries.

  Power Supply: 2 special rechargeable batteries 6V-4.5Ah, primary batteries 6V-12Ah, external power cable and battery re-charger.


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Manufactured by:

L3 Calzoni
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Tel:  + 39 05 14 13 77
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E-mail:  calzoni.general@l-3com.com   ◙   Website:  www.calzoni.com

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