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The CALZONI Expeditionary Airfield Lighting is designed as a lighting system for aircraft/helicopter night operations for VMC use (Visual Meteorological Conditions) limited to VFR (Visual Flight Rules) to be used in severe conditions when standard equipment cannot be used.

Different configurations of luminous source are available: runway lights (white), threshold lights (green), end lights (red). The system is modular and can consist of any type of the above lights, in variable quantity, depending on the operative configuration.

The wireless remote controller allows to manage the system from remote. Optional “air to ground” remote control unit allow to receive on/off command from an aircraft.

Each light uses LED lighting source (high flux type) and dedicated lenses, as to increase the photometric characteristics and the life, reducing the power consumption and the maintenance costs against the traditional incandescent lamps. With the LED source the system becomes NVG compatible and with LED IR the system becomes conform for “covert” operations.

Portable lights can be supplied by rechargeable batteries and not rechargeable batteries. The charger is integrated in the transport container. It is not required to remove batteries from light. The container has to be powered by main line 230Vac. The recharge of the batteries can be performed also with the closed container or during the transport or storage.

Lights are designed to be easily and quickly utilized also from not trained operators. The system is supplied in special anti‐shock plastic containers, to facilitate transport Light on the stake operations via aircraft or military vehicles.

                                                                                         Main Features:

  LED light for a long range visibility, extremely high reliability, high service life (more than 80.000 hours), reduced maintenance.

  “Ground to ground ” and “Air to ground” optional remote controls for system managing from ground and from aircraft.

  Wireless local network for lights control based on “mesh” network.

  5 steps luminous intensity dimmer.

  Transport container with trolley.

                                                                             Photometric Characteristics:

                                                                                          POL Light Unit:

  Overall dimension: 230 x 165 x 140 mm.

  Weight: 3.5 kg.

  Body material: 30% fibreglass reinforced polycarbonate.

  Cap material: high load and thermal resistant transparent PMMA.

  Power supply: 2 special rechargeable batteries 6V‐4.5Ah or primary batteries 6V‐12Ah.

  Enclosure: IP67.

  Service life: higher than 12 hours with rechargeable batteries, over 20 with primary batteries.

                                                                                 Wireless Remote Control:

  Sizes (width × length × height): 100 × 190 × 40mm.

  Weight (approx): 640 g.

  Rugged case, water resistant.

  Managing light intensity with remote command.

  UHF link with portable lights (“ground to ground” control).

                                                                             Remote Control Unit (RCU):

  Designed according (L‐854) FAA 150/5345‐49A.

  VHF link with aircraft for “air to ground” control (the system can be managed using the on board microphone).

◙  Possibility of frequency selection.

  UHF link with portable lights.

  All commands can be set directly from the RCU (“ground to ground” control).

                                                                      Anti-Shock Container With Battery Charger:

◙  High thickness resin plastic body.

◙  Shock, corrosive material, water, dust and atmospheric agents strength.

◙  Handles for easy transport.

◙  Auto-lubricant wheels.

◙  Manual pressurization valve.

◙  Internal anti-shock foam.

  Dimensions: 350 x 600 x 900 mm.

  Weight (lights and battery charger included): 55 kg.

  Enclosure IP67.

  Certified DEF-STAN 81-41 (Part 3 Issue 4).

  STANAG NATO 4280 (Ed 2).

  Battery charger power supply 230V-50Hz.

  Red LED indicating recharge in progress and green LED indicating the end of recharge (with maintenance current).

  Simultaneous recharge from 1 to 7 lights per container (also at different levels of battery charge).

                                                                      Internal Battery Charger:

  Battery charger integrated in the transport container.

◙  Power supply 230V-50Hz.

◙  Red LED indicating recharge in progress and green LED indicating the end of recharge (with maintenance current).

◙  Simultaneous recharge from 1 to 7 lights (also at different levels of battery charge).

◙  Protection fuse.

              Helipad Configuration Example:

  7 perimeter lights.

  1 wireless remote control.

  1 plastic resin container.

                                                    Runway Configuration Example (Initial Landing Zone):

  14 runway lights.

  6 Threshold / runway end lights.

  3 plastic resin containers.

                                                                           Typical Ground Arrangement:            


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Manufactured by:

L3 Calzoni
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