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Welcome To The World Of All-Weather, Efficient, And Portable Maintenance!


The new G. S. I. Inc. Mobile Maintenance Van 150 is an all-weather maintenance vehicle that every technician working in the great outdoors has always needed. Completely self-contained, the Mobile Maintenance Van 150 is capable of handling any type of field repair and maintenance that previously has been done at the workshop.

The Mobile Maintenance Van 150 will improve productivity by providing an efficient and safe on-site work environment for the technicians. The Mobile Maintenance Van 150 is delivered complete with topper, AC / heater, generator, lighting, work bench, and all-weather canopy enclosure.

                                                                                          Ford Chassis:

The reliable Ford Econoline 150 Van is the foundation of the Mobile Maintenance Van 150. This vehicle is furnished with a 4.9 multi-port EFI in-line six-cylinder engine, 3.54 axle ratio, 35 gallon (132.50 L)
fuel tank, and an automatic transmission.

Standard features include power steering, anti-locking rear brakes,
and windows in each back door.

Of course, you receive Ford's famous 36 month bumper-to-bumper warranty, which is transferable to the
dealer in your area.

                                      Extended Fiberglass Topper:

The Mobile Maintenance Van 150 has an extended fiberglass topper
installed that offers 6 ft 2 in (1.88 m) headroom over the
entire work area inside the van.

                                                                                                                Heating / Air Conditioning:

The Mobile Maintenance Van 150 comes equipped with the extremely reliable and efficient Coleman Mini Mach Unit.

Its low electrical power consumption means that it can run a full eight hours
without any strain on the inboard electrical generator, simultaneously with other equipment being used for disassembly / assembly, testing, or repairs.

This capability of the Mobile Maintenance Van 150 allows the technician to accomplish his task, efficiently, effectively, and in a time saving manner in below subzero temperatures, rain, snow, sleet, or on 100 ° F sunshine days. The system has convenient heat and AC controls within easy reach of the technician.

Service of the Coleman Mini Mach Unit is available internationally direct from
the Coleman Company.

                                     Electrical Power:

The Mobile Maintenance Van 150 has incorporated the Honda  3500 Watt Generator to distribute both 120 V and 240 V power. This generator is noted worldwide for its reliability
and rugged dependability.

It is equipped with an electric start and a  "low oil turn off" protection feature. The 8 hour run time makes this generator the ideal power source for the Mobile Maintenance Van 150. Its compact size and easy access for  maintenance are more features that make the Honda generator well-suited for a long, trouble free life.

The generator powers auxiliary heat, air conditioning, lighting, power tools, electronic test equipment, power hoist, etc.

Although the generator is mounted inside the van, sound-proofing reduces the noise and the exhaust is routed to the outside of the vehicle.

An OSHA approved carbon monoxide detector insures a safe work area no matter how long the generator operates.


Efficient, long life fluorescent lighting fixtures are installed over the workbench and throughout the van's work area. 

Even on the darkest nights or in the severest weather conditions, working in the Mobile Maintenance Van 150 is extremely effective.

                                                                                            Work Bench:

A 16 ga. heavy-duty workbench, with a steel top, provides ample work space to test
and repair mechanical, electrical, and electronic equipment.

Even PC boards can be tested and repaired in the Mobile Maintenance Van 150!

                                     All-Weather Canopy Enclosure:

A marine grade waterproof canvas cover (attachable to the rear of the van  when the two back doors are open) will provide a protected working area around and over relay boxes, junction boxes, control panels, and control cabinets. This feature frees the technician to open the cabinets or equipment in the most inclement weather without danger of personal hazard or of damaging the electrical / electronic equipment inside. The technician can accomplish even major maintenance on such equipment, day or night, in the most
tremendous weather conditions.

With its high grade marine plastic zippers and stainless steel clasps, the canvas enclosure ensemble can be installed in a minimum amount of time (just minutes) by one person. Windows in the canvas enclosure allow outside light to compliment the interior fluorescent lighting. When not being utilized, the canvas enclosure can be quickly disassembled into a compact design and stored conveniently out of the way.

Optional inset light access hatch, hoist, compressor, electric water pump,
and other accessories are available.

With Optional Equipment Available,
You Can Create Your Own Custom Mobile Work Unit.
Custom Configuration Quotations Available Upon Request.


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