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Exel Composites has brought a new line of Telescopic Systems and Handles to the market. These extension poles and fixed length handles are the superior alternative based on items constructed of steel, aluminium, or wood. Exel Composites, a leading manufacturer of products based on composite technology, has developed a unique glass fiber lattice structure.

Fiberglass reinforced composite materials have numerous advantages
compared to conventional materials such as metal. These Telescopic Systems and Handles are designed for demanding applications, but also have many benefits from the features of the new innovative composite fibre material. With a wide variety of accessories such as hand grips, thread connectors, and logos, Exel Conposites offers a product range to satisfy every customer's needs.


                                          Exel EXtender™ Telescopic System:

The design of the EXtender™ Telescope combines ergonomics with technical performance. During operations, The EXtender™ Trioval Conceptprevents rotation and provides a comfortable hand grip. Two or three part units are available with a clamp lock between each section and joint tightening is performed with the simple use of a screwdriver. For design options one has a choice between trioval or round for tube shape and glass fibre, carbon fibre, or glass / aluminium for the material of tube, along with many different tube sizes and lengths.


                                            Exel Universal™ Telescopic Pole:

Originally developed for military equipment, the Exel Universal™ Telescopic Poles are now used all over where strong lightweight poles are needed to reach inaccessible places. The tubes can be of glass or carbon fibre, with the option of a hybrid solution. The joints are glass reinforced polyamide (nylon) and provide a secure lock between each section which allows for easy movement of the telescope sections. Between the original size series (between 2 to 6 section units) and tailored size series poles, Exel Composites can produce the right sized Universal Series to meet your company's needs. Any combination of tubes can be used according to your requirements as long as it is a continuous series.

  For general use we suggest glass fibre / polyester.

  For arduous conditions we suggest glass fibre / vinylester.

  For lightweight ad stiffness requirements we suggest carbon fibre / vinylester.

  1,200 possible combinations available.


                                       Exelens™ Quick Lock Telescopic Handle:

The Exelens™ Quick Lock is simply a two-part telescope. It was designed to meet the market necessity for a lightweight, composite telescopic handle with an extremely easy locking system.

It consists of two composite tubes and Exel Composites' unique Quick Lock connector. The Quick Lock connector only requires a slight twist to lock the telescope into any position. In addition, an internal stopper has been built in which prevents the tubes from separating.


                             Exelens™ Fixed Length Handle:

Exelens™ are fixed length handles combined with composite tubes. They have a variety of end connectors and hand grips to provide a ready made solution to all your needs.

  Over 30 different end plugs and adapters to fit any of the available tube sizes.

  EH Series are for heavy duty applications and are produced with thicker walls.

  Color coding systems available upon request.

  You choose your handle length, popular choices are between 48 - 54 in (1200 - 1400 mm).


                                                   Exel Protector™ Handle:

Antibacterial handles make using contaminated cleaning equipment less hassle. The Exel Protector™ handle has the antibacterial ingredient, Triclosan, built into its molecular structure. It will not wash or wear off, and is effective for the life of the handle.

  Inhibits bacterial growth.

  Provides durable protection.

  Increased protection against contamination.

All of the Exel Composites Telescopic Systems and Handles can be manufactured with the antibacterial Exel Protector™ upon special order.


  Composite materials of polyester and vinylester resins are rot and corrosion-free.

  Require no maintenance.

  They are neutral to environments, as they are dimensionally stable in all weather conditions.

  Their long lasting durability proves long term cost savings.

  Composite properties maximized by advanced Exel Composites Pull-Winding Process, ensures maximum strength and stiffness while remaining lightweight for use.

  Glass fibre is an insulator, while Carbon fibre is an electrical conductor.

  Their surface finish is smooth and warm to the touch even in cold and wet conditions.

  They are easy to keep clean and sterile, as they can withstand 140° C in autoclaves.

  Anti-static property requirements are available on special order.

  Standard colors are white, red, yellow, green, blue, grey, black. Other RAL-colors are available on special order.

Exel Composites Telescopic Systems and Handles are the best investment to place you beyond your competitors reach!

NON-CIVIL Telescopic Systems Available

Manufactured by:

Exel Composites Oyj / Kivara Factory
Muovilaaksontie 2 
 ◙   FI-82110 Heinävaara   ◙   Finland
Tel:  + 35 82 07 54 12 00
  ◙   Fax:  + 35 82 07 54 13 30
E-mail:  safetymasts@exelcomposites.com   ◙   Website:  www.exelcomposites.com

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