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Wherever the Instrument Landing System (ILS) transparency, heavy duty construction, safety tested, maintenance free, thermally stable, and easy installation are key factors, reinforced composites are strongly gaining ground on conventional materials. Exel Composites, having long experience in composites, can offer a large range of glass fiber profiles for demanding applications in fencing for the Airport and Electrical Industries.

 Fiber profiles for fencing applications contain two main elements: glass fiber and resin. The fibers form the structural skeleton of the product. Polyester and vinyl ester are the most common resin thermo set resin matrixes for this application. The Pultrusion, Pull-winding, and Continuous Lamination processes enable the most optimized structure designed to meet our customers needs and follow their different rules.

                                           ILS Transparent & Electrical Insulation:

The UTILO Fence is composed of glass fiber reinforced polyester resin profiles and does not contain any metals or other conducting elements. Hence it does not lead to electromagnetic interference and will not show on radar screens,
nor disrupt the workings of the ILS, microwave landing system, or other NAVAIDS.
Composites are excellent insulators and non-magnetic.

                                                                      Heavy Duty:
The fence panels and bearing posts have been designed and tested, taking into account European regulation for wind load calculations. All EXEL profiles comply with the European Committee for Standardization EN 13706 for structure pultrusion.


Composites are elastic materials. They can be deformed and spring back to initial shape without permanent damage.
Shape memory and impact tolerance are important benefits.


The absence of cross bars in the panels and the sharp saw-toothed top make the fence a difficult obstacle to climb.

                                                                                 Maintenance Free:

Glass fiber reinforced plastic does not rust, nor rot. Composites resist a wide range of chemical agents as well. They are unaffected by the sea atmosphere (salt spray), polluted air, and cleaning products. Their outside surfaces are covered with a protective polyester veil to prevent the glass fibers from protruding after years of weathering.

            Thermal Stability:

The UTILO Fence remains unaffected by freezing cold winters and scorching hot summers. Composites exhibit excellent shape stability. They will not warp over time, deform excessively, or get brittle in the cold.

                                         In-Depth Coloring:

The polymer resin matrix is pigmented and UV stabilized to provide an in-depth color to profiles without painting (for special applications, the fence can be painted).


                               Easy Installation:

Exel Composites' unique technology allows us to optimize each profile in term of size and length. The pre-assembled fence panels are light to carry and easy to handle. A simple, but efficient fastening system, allows a two man crew to install over 328 ft (100 m) of fence per day.

Currently Awaiting FAA Approval!

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