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One Size Does Not Fit All!


In addition to the G. S. I. Inc. Mobile Maintenance Van 150,
our facility can create a maintenance vehicle to fit your special needs and environment.

Below are some of the solutions that G. S. I. Inc. made especially to suit our customer's unique requirements.

                                                                           Photometric Testing / CALIBAR Van:

    Mobile Maintenance Van 150       Mobile Maintenance Van

This truck was built for the City of Atlanta and it features the capability of rapid photometric testing of runway lighting using Naksys' Airfield Calibration System CALIBER.

                                                                          Aswan Airport Maintenance Van:

    Aswan Airport
                        Maintenance Van       Airport Maintenance Vehicle

This unique truck was made to tackle the sand that is ever present in the deserts of Egypt. Where the main emphasis is in maintaining the airfield and not how to get to the scene of maintenance.
Four-wheel drive was a necessary installment on this vehicle for the work to be done on a timely basis.

Highly visible markings help distinguish this truck from the sometimes featureless backgrounds so common in the desert. This truck features state-of-the-art tools. Metering and cable fault detection equipment allows most maintenance to be accomplished in the least amount of time.

                                                               Memphis / Shelby County Aviation Authority:

   Memphis Shelby County
                                Aviation Authority     Memphis Ahelby County Aviation
                                Authority Maintenance Van

This custom Mobile Maintenance Van was done for the Memphis / Shelby County Aviation Authority. They needed a heavy-duty solution, which began with the basic F-250 extended Van.

The basic features of the Mobile Maintenance Van 150 were included, although customer modifications were added. Fueled by the van's main gas tank, a larger generator was incorporated. Also, a five-horsepower compressor was added for extra capabilities. These are just one of many possibilities and configurations we can make for your airfield maintenance needs.

                                                                          Four-Wheel Drive Work Platform:

                        Maintenance Vehicle           Runway Maintenance Vehicle

In conjunction with Quiggly Motors of Pennsylvania, G. S. I. Inc. has converted standard Ford E-350 Diesel Vans into four-wheel drive work platforms. An extra seat installed allows for two technicians, along with the driver, to be comfortably and safely transported to the job site.

The factory authorized four-wheel drive allows for the Mobile Maintenance Van to go to the most difficult job sites with ease. Again, many items of specialized test equipment are included to make maintenance of the airfield lighting more time efficient.

Custom Configuration Quotations Are Available Upon Request.

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