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Armadillo Portable
                    Airfield Lighting

The CALZONI ARMADILLO is an LED-based Portable Lighting System for airfields. It is a flexible system that provides different incremental levels of flight support capability, ranging from temporary emergency airfield to a full operational international airfield. Additionally, it can be used as a supplementary system for a local airport. ARMADILLO meets all relevant international standards for portable airfield lighting.

ARMADILLO supports aircraft during VFR conditions. The set consists of 66 modular lights. The base configuration mainly consists of runway lights (white), threshold lights (green), and runway end lights (red). The color of the light is can be customized and can be easily changed.

                          Omnidirectional LightEach light uses an LED lighting source (high flux type) which ensures long life, low power consumption, and minimal maintenance costs when compared to traditional incandescent lamps. The base system is also compatible with all night vision devices and can be remotely controlled by a portable Remote Control Unit (RCU). The lights (L-863) are FAA certified according to FAA 150/5345-50B, while the Remote Control Unit (L-854) is designed according to FAA 150/5345-49A. ARMADILLO is designed to be highly portable,
durable, and maintenance free.
Armadillo Remote
                                  Control Unit
The compact and rugged trailer is more than just a simple storage trailer. It can be transported by air, and is designed to allow fast loading and unloading along with charging the batteries while they are in storage. The doors can be secured in an open position and the cabinets are built to allow the operator to pull the lights out and drop them in place while the trailer is being towed down the runway. The ability to charge the lights in the trailer, with a drop-in system requiring no cables, ensures that each placed light is fully charged and ready to go.

Each light unit is powered by internal batteries. The system is lightweight, durable and user-friendly. The intuitive interface means that even inexperienced operators can set up and operate the system. ARMADILLO can truly be placed and operated under any meteorological conditions!

                                  Expeditionary Lighting System

                                                                                       Main Features:

  Self-contained system.

  LED lights provide for long range visibility, high reliability, extremely long service life (more than 80,000 hours), and maintenance free.
Portable Stake Lights
  Night Vision Device (NVD) compatible.

  Extremely durable and lightweight, comprised of special material designed for civilian and military applications.

  High autonomy and power supply flexibility.

  Radio-control option for single-point light control , “ground-to-ground” and “air-to-ground” (using VHF radio).

  Trailers custom fitted to the system configuration.

  Rugged, highly-mobile trailer with drop-in battery charging system.

                                                                     Technical Characteristics POL Light Unit:
                      Omnidirectional Light
  Certification FAA 150/5345-50.

  Maximum Intensity: 50Cd.

  Overall Dimension: 230 x 165 x 140 mm.

  Mass: 3.5 kg.

◙  Body Material: 30% fibreglass reinforced polycarbonate.

  Power Supply: 2 special rechargeable batteries 6V-5Ah, primary batteries 6V Trailer.

  Enclosure: IP67.

  Service Autonomy: Higher than 12 hours with rechargeable batteries, over 20 hours with primary batteries.

                                                                           Technical Characteristics Trailer:

  Container: H x W x L = 1300 x 1600 x 2200 mm (Length overall: 3400mm).Armadillo

  Mass Full Load: 1000kg --- Capacity: 66 POL + tools and spares.

  Chassis: 1 axis, Galvanized steel (AL-KO).

  Suspension: Independent wheel with torsion bar - Brakes: Drum inertia, parking brake.

  Wheels/ Tires 0 + 1 spare tire 15570R12C.

  Trailer Hitch: Interchangeable – hitch ball, eye Ulpio Ø45mm. NATO Ø76mm, Ø50mm with safety cable.

◙  Trailer Lighting: Hook-up connector for trailer lighting (external), standard 13 pin ISO 11446. Option: Standard 7 pin plug (type 12N, to ISO 1724 or special).

  Power supply: 90-240 VAC 50-60 Hz.POL

  External color: Yellow RAL 1003.

                                               Drop-In Charger System:
Drop-In Battery Charger

  Self-locking and automatic battery recharging.

  LED Battery Charge Indicator.

                                                Typical Configuration:

Armadillo Configuration

                                                 Sold & Serviced in the United States & Canada by G. S. I. Inc.                                             
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L3 Calzoni
Via A. De Gasperi 7  
◙   40012 Calderara di Reno (BO)   ◙   Italy
Tel:  + 39 05 14 13 77
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